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You Are What You “Eat”

Someone wise told me recently that we must be responsible for what we “take in” by digesting it, processing it, or cleansing it. Just like if we eat too much sugar, we might feel ill,….and our bodies have to detox,….we might have to detox after choosing the company of a foul person, or after listening to negativity in all its forms.

Sometimes we feel we have no choice about what ‘goes in’ us,…but many times it is our unconsciousness that allows the poisons of life to seep into our space. Think of how often we hear complaining and don’t leave the company of whom we are with. Think of the advertising and marketing that preys on our fears or feelings of not being enough.

The music we choose, the persons we call friends, the places we walk and work and live,…all are sending out information to us on a daily basis,..and yet, we rarely monitor such things with care.

Once we have taken in the food that upsets our stomach, the company that sours the day, or the responsibility that wasn’t ours,…we are responsible to process this and find our balance. Or not.

Obviously, it is a choice how we carry forth once exposed to the darknesses of life, but for health~it requires us to be mindful of all that is around us,…so that when we can find more positive influences, we do.

I’m often unhappy if I eat too much, because of the discomfort and consequences of this behavior, but this is actually easier to remedy than if I participate in a negative exchange with another person. That toxicity is, for me, the harder of the two to “digest”. Think about what it is for you that turns your energy to sludge~and know that it is okay to refuse such experiences. After all,…you are the one who will have to clear it out and rebalance yourself in the time to follow.


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