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find your spirit

The biggest source of addiction and illness is the lack of intimacy with one’s spirit, or soul.

Having access to this part of ourselves is nurtured in our creative mind. When was the last time you felt tied to imagination in that glorious, open way of childhood?

Too soon in life, our imaginings are discounted, seen as unnecessary or silly, and we suppress this very essential passage to the creations of spirit. Society certainly encourages us to march blindly into the “norms” of our times. We can easily lose our original thoughts as we try to fit in.  I think one reason some of us enjoy watching children so much is that they show us that hidden world of expression and play that we shoved down deep inside of us.

Some of us have jobs that require creative thought or we problem solve from this more expansive part of our brain,…but when was the last time you lay on your back to watch clouds pass overhead and let your mind wander? What were the dreams you had when you were eight years old? Do you incorporate that self into your world now?

Do we even see our surroundings once we get used to them? Question the color on the wall? The arrangement of trinkets which mark our passage through space and time? Do we dare diverge in our thinking as we observe the world around us?

What is the dream for your self at this point in time? Is it more simplicity? Maybe an adventure? Perhaps it’s been a while since you met a new person who could help you feel your edges?

It’s too easy to lose the visionary inside of ourselves. Maybe finding a way to nurture that self will lead to a more fully realized and unique being that we are all capable of. In doing so, it may help all of us heal the parts of us longing to be expressed,…and we can forgive all the ways we let ourselves be made small in our journeys.

After all,…there really is only one you,….or one me,….and if it is not expressed in this place and time in all its potential,….that is a real shame. Dare to be all that you are, and see how much joy it can bring!

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