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Does dieting make you fat?

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I think spring is a good time to check ourselves from going too crazy with dieting. If our culture isn’t reason enough to feel that we need to restrict, the season calls for taking off layers and that can be difficult for some.

But, before you stock up on food for the next diet, consider these facts. Within 36 hours of reducing caloric intake drastically~the metabolism of your body will drop by 10-15% to compensate. And when your blood sugar gets low because you have gone too long without eating, your body prepares to store what you eat next. And all of the ways we deprive ourselves of “bad” foods only makes them more appealing to us,…and leads to overindulging when we do partake of them. So,…what is the answer to achieving a healthy weight?

As radical as it may sound,…eating when you’re hungry -and stopping when you are full. Not as easy as it sounds. We have so bombarded our bodies with cognitive messages which ignore internal cravings, that we are no longer able to hear our inner cues. How many times do we keep working when our system is asking for energy? How many times do we keep eating after we are full, because the food is pretty or there’s an emotion we don’t like? This ends up confusing the need for food with other “hungers” or denying our hunger in an attempt to force weight loss.

Next time you feel hunger, try to respond as immediately as possible, and before you feel ravenous. When you eat, really look at the food and enjoy all your senses as you feed your body. When you notice that you are feeling like you’ve had enough~stop. Wait for 20-30 minutes, and if you are needing more fuel for your body, you will know it. But it takes practice.

There are many great books on the market that go into depth about mindful eating. Choose one that resonates for you, and start the journey toward healthy eating.