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goblet portraits-page22

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goblet portraits-page22


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I’ve been hearing the word, “overwhelmed” a lot in the last couple weeks. A lot of us are feeling like too much is coming at us and it’s time to pull back. This state of being brings us back to the essentials and helps us prioritize what begs our attention in the present moment.

Many times in our daily lives we are multi-tasking, hardly aware of the state of our being. We focus on what to do instead of what to be. We are distracted, often torn and rushing about.

When the feeling of being overwhelmed comes upon us, we are brought to our breath, our mind, our feelings. It’s as if we cannot be elsewhere except doing maintenance in the moment. It is after this passes and we are on to the next task that we are losing our center once again.

Ironically, that state of “noticing” in the overwhelm -is what mindfulness feels like. In the demand of our minds and bodies to pay attention to what is right now,…due to its uncomfortableness,…we must take pause and attend to what is. This place of focus may not be the most pleasant of mindfulness states, but it is one we can all identify with. We have all been overwhelmed.

Think about the last time you felt this way,…how the details that normally fill your mind are a blur in the eye of the storm of the moment. There is no energy, no focus put on what is going to happen later today or tomorrow. There is only a point of focus which says, “I can’t take any more”. The body and mind are full up and demanding a break.

And so this “break” becomes a place of cutting back on excess activity, planning, and multi tasking. The moment becomes all about what is in this moment, despite the undesirable feeling it might bring.

Rather than wait for a time of being overwhelmed, try to bring yourself into the present moment before you reach this point. Look at what you are expecting of yourself and how much energy you have available on this given day. Did you get enough rest? Have you eaten well? Are you putting more things on your mental list than anyone could do in one day? Be gentle with yourself and notice what can happen when you are mindful as a habit. It just may keep that overwhelm at bay!